Chapter 1 Last Breed

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Today you walk down the street amongst citizens of the world who embody lessons they have learned from the people that came before them. From experiences with family members to total strangers, growth can be found in any moment. Perfectly developed to last forever, your black shirt will be filled with experiences that make you who you are today and tomorrow. Beneath the fabric made from the best cotton in the world, is a message. A Gentleman is not confined by one generation, character, or look. What will you add to the Last Breed of Gentleman?


Classic Fit

Made in LA
100% California Grown Premium Long Staple Cotton
Embroidery and Print

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Last Breed Black
Last Breed Black Left
Last Breed Black Left Angle
Last Breed Black Back
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Chapter 1 Last Breed
Last Breed Black Under
Chapter 1 Last Breed
Last Breed Black Code